Thursday night

Posted by modayjo on October 31, 2019 at 4:40 AM
The visit to the village was amazing! They just happened to be having a village meeting, during the time we were there, and we were invited in to the Community Hall, where they welcomed us. Another surprise is that we were not expecting to meet the chief, but that's what happened! The biggest surprise was that she is a woman chief! Her husband was the chief until he died last year. We brought a gift to her which is expected, especially when we come to the village in April, and do the visiting protocol. It was just a box of 18 candy bars of Skittles and other candies, wrapped up. They welcomed us, and are very happy that we are bringing a medical clinic there in April. Don took a couple of short videos today, and he has posted one of them, which is of our hosts, Rowena and Daeseong Kang. The village is located near the coast, and it is a short walk to the beach. However, this beach is not for swimming and is more for fishing and for their boats to be anchored. Beverly still managed to find a nice shell there! Ha ha! The village is about 1.5 hours from Lautoka, where we will be staying for the rest of our time. There are 88 homes in the village of about 300. We were told that word will spread fast when we come, so that other villages nearby may also come to the clinics! There will be plenty for the non-medical people to do, such as minister door to door, and to the children who are not yet in school and to those after school. We will be sleeping in the community hall on the floor. We will need an air mattress, a sheet, a towel and toiletries and a mosquito net. It might be smart to bring our own toilet paper, too!

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