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Coronavirus Update March 29th, 2021

Posted by modayjo on April 14, 2020 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (39)

This should have been our second day in Fiji, but our father in haven had other plans for us. We have been able to move our team to April 19th to May 3rd, 2023

Last day in Paradise! 11-4-19

Posted by modayjo on November 4, 2019 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)
Today, we took a boat over to Beachcomber Island Resort, a 30 minute boat ride over turquoise water! This is where we are planning to bring the team in April, for an overnight stay, just like we are doing tonight. We arrived about 10:00 am, and we'll leave about 4:00 pm tomorrow. Our flight leaves tomorrow night around 9:40 pm, and we want to spend some time with our house hosts, Marcos and Kimberley before we leave. We arrived here just in time for morning tea at 10:30, and the buffet lunch ... Read Full Post »

Sunday church & looking at our April residence

Posted by modayjo on November 3, 2019 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)
This morning, we hitched a ride on the open-air Marine Reach truck to church! We joined the team from New Zealand who are here on their Outreach, to worship at a C3 Church. The church was similar in style to our church, CCO, and the Associate Pastor preached on LOVE. As always, the people were VERY friendly, as they flash you a smile and say Bula! The church was a primitive building, and I could see the ground beneath the floor boards, but the worship was alive! After church, we went to the h... Read Full Post »


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This morning, we took a short boat ride to an island close by, in the hopes of checking it out for our team outing. It turned out to be great, but not an option for our April Team, because the American TV show, SURVIVOR actually films there every year from March through July! If any of you watch the show, the island we went to (Bekana Island), is used as the Ponderosa, the place where the losers go to after they are voted out of the game! The show and CBS restrict anyone from coming onto the is... Read Full Post »

Friday night, 11-01-19

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This morning was Praise & Worship time at the house where we are staying. Daesoeng and Rowena came over, and Rowena led us in worship, using a guitar. After our worship time, we talked about how smoothly everything went at the Natunuku Village (where we are going in April) yesterday. We really sensed God's favor, in how they welcomed us warmly, and we were able to meet the Chief, which never usually happens! Normally, new people have to meet with the Chief's Messenger. After our meeting, we had ... Read Full Post »

Thursday night

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The visit to the village was amazing! They just happened to be having a village meeting, during the time we were there, and we were invited in to the Community Hall, where they welcomed us. Another surprise is that we were not expecting to meet the chief, but that's what happened! The biggest surprise was that she is a woman chief! Her husband was the chief until he died last year. We brought a gift to her which is expected, especially when we come to the village in April, and do the visiting pr... Read Full Post »

Wednesday 10-30-19

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Bula to the team! This morning, we had a time of intercession/ prayer at one of their 3 YWAM houses. We had about a 30 minute walk to get there, at 8:30 am. Even in the morning, a walk can get you hot and sweaty! But when we arrived, we had plenty of time to cool down, as the Fijians love to sit and talk! We prayed for our trip in April and for everyone's personal needs, too. After our time of prayer, we had Morning Tea, which was tea, instant coffee and cookies. Then we sat and talked until ... Read Full Post »

Tuesday meeting

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BULA Everyone! Today, the husband and wife directors of Marine Reach came over to where we are staying, to discuss our team budget and to teach us many things about the Fijian way of life! There are so many different customs that are very important to them, and that we need to be aware of. There is a definite protocol that must be adhered to, when we go into the village. This Thursday, we will be going to the same village that we will minister in, when we come in April. We will try to take lo... Read Full Post »

Monday Morning

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We had the BEST night's sleep ever! We managed to stay up all day on Sunday and went to bed about 6:30 pm. We woke up refreshed on Monday morning and pretty much on Fiji time! After breakfast, we headed to worship/devotional time at another YWAM house. There was a DTS Team from New Zealand staying thee, with lots of children, too. We really enjoyed getting to know them, and hearing a familiar worship song in 5 or 6 languages! After the worship time, we met with the Marine Reach Staff of about 7 ... Read Full Post »

Fiji--Spy out the land!

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The flight was great-- only 10 hours and 45 minutes, and only one plane! That's a plus! We arrived in Fiji at 5:00 am, and we took one picture at the airport. We are staying at one of the base houses, with a sweet couple and their 18 month old daughter. Their names are Marcos (from Brazil) and Kimberley (from Texas) and their daughter Sophia. You will meet them in April, as they will go with us into the village. The WIFI is sketchy, so we need to get a SIM Card on Monday. Go to Photos to see the... Read Full Post »